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Heather Mason
18 July 1986
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Oh, oh what a pair, me and you
Character Name: Heather Mason/Cheryl Mason/ Alessa Gillespie
Series: Silent Hill
Gender: Female
Age: 31 24 17
Species: Human
Sexuality: heterosexual
Appearance: Heather is an average-sized seventeen year old girl, a bit on the skinny side, with rather pale skin dusted with freckles. In some ways she's a bit gangly looking, although she's almost full-grown so it's likely she'll be stick thin and long-limbed the rest of her life. She has amber-colored eyes, and wears her blonde (though naturally it's black) hair in a short style, feathered, layered, and wavy. Her eyebrows and roots betray her natural haircolor, but she does (and will, for my own sanity in not needing to find black hair icons) keep up with her dyejob, as much to disguise her appearance as the fact that she enjoys being a blonde.

Her personal style typically ranges from cutesy to comfortable, and she likes bright colors. Almost always she wears two orange wristbands, one with a watch layered over the top, and she always has the pendant her father gave her around her neck. When she arrives fresh from Silent Hill, she'll be wearing her orange sleeveless turtleneck with a blood-stained white hooded zip-up vest over it, accompanied by a green miniskirt and brown knee-high boots.
Manhattanite or outsider? outsider

Put here to feel joy, not be blue
Personality: Heather is in short, a moody and impulsive girl. She is ruled largely by her emotions, and what comes along with them. She is carried through much of her task against The Order and the god she is carrying against her will with the anger and hatred she feels towards Claudia for murdering her father, and the grief that comes with that as well. She isn't afraid to show what she's feeling, and can be loud, or display physical violence in her anger.

She is still able to keep a clear head about her at times when it counts, and has shown an exceptional adaptability to all the strange and bizarre things happening around her. Likely in part because she is Alessa reincarnated, but also possibly because she grew up with an obsession for the occult. She's also quite clever, working out complicated puzzles and coming up with inventive ways to accomplish what she needs to.

A product of a somewhat secretive upbringing, Heather is slow to trust people she doesn't know, and makes no pretense of acting like she'd trust them. If she doesn't trust someone, she's pretty obvious about it. Her attitude when not being displayed with anger or frustration can be characterized by an intelligent but sarcastic nature. This can make it a little difficult for her to make friends, although she gets by well enough. Once you've gained Heather's trust, she can become quite easily attached, and will go to great lengths to protect you, and worry for your safety.

Heather presumably has Alessa's psychic abilities, premonition, and spiritual intuition. Heather has only exhibited the premonition and the spiritual intuition, and it's likely if she has any of the other psychic abilities, they are largely undeveloped and nowhere near the strength of Alessa at the time of the girl's death.

In Manhattan, Heather will only experience infrequent premonitions, and her spiritual intuition will be somewhat hampered, more like a direct "feeling" of if something is about to go wrong, more than anything else. She'll also likely be able to tell if someone has been tied to the events of Silent Hill by being around them, but really they all kind of stick out anyway (bunch of freaks...)

Weaknesses: First and foremost, Heather is human. She can be killed, she feels pain, and she can grow tired. Heather is also inexperienced in fighting, and while she did survive Silent Hill, she's passable at best with a gun, and can swing blunt objects, but she is by no means a seasoned combatant. She's also skinny as a rail and not very heavy, so she could be easily overpowered.

Her skepticism and tendency to distrust people can also make her blind to people or opportunities that could help her, rather than hinder her. She will also very likely be openly hostile towards anyone who is vocal about their religious beliefs, not so much because she disagrees with them having their own religions but that she's on a very personal and disturbed basis with a god, and she's angry at whatever God there may be, whether there's just the one she rejected or another less malicious one.

Sad times and bad times--see them through
There was once a young girl by the name of Alessa Gillespie. She was born and raised in the town of Silent Hill, the daughter of Dahlia Gillespie, leader of the cult known only as The Order. She was initially groomed to take Dahlia's place as the head, but Alessa had unusual and unique abilities. Abilities that branded her as a social outcast among her peers and abilities that caused her mother and the other cult members to abuse her. Alessa was desperate to be loved by her mother, but she didn't want to lend her abilities to the cult's works. Her mother betrayed her love by deciding that the ritual to birth the cult's god could be possible using Alessa as a sacrifice, where others had perished. Alessa was burned alive by Dahlia, although she attempted to escape the flames by projecting an image of herself to a nearby road where a man named Travis Grady was driving, and he pulled her from the flames, but not before she was horribly burned. She would have died, if not for the success of the ritual, the god now within her womb and immortalizing her.

Kaufmann and Dahlia planted another girl at the site and claimed Alessa had perished, while locking Alessa away in the Alchemilla Hospital's basement. Reaching out to Travis with her mind, Alessa guided him into assembling the Flauros, to assist her in splitting her soul, releasing that of the desperate child who just wanted a family from the tortured soul within the burned husk, and that soul found its way out of Silent Hill, where it took the form of a newborn baby girl, who was found by Harry Mason and his wife. Alessa went on suffering for seven years, unable to die, wishing for death to come, while Cheryl lived her life with Harry.

Cheryl Mason had a happy childhood, with parents who loved her, although her mother died when she was only three. Harry still loved her, and she was happy, something Alessa never truly was. Still, after seven years had passed, with the combination of a spell cast by Dahlia and Alessa calling out to her other self in an attempt to end her suffering, Cheryl and Harry made their way to Silent Hill, for a vacation.

Alessa appeared before their car just as they reached city limits, and Harry lost control of his jeep, crashing it. Alessa and Cheryl were then reunited. Alessa, and Cheryl by extent, attempted to take steps to destroy the god and ultimately make it so Alessa could finally die, but they had their obstacles. Harry was misled by Dahlia, tricked into helping Dahlia contain Alessa, while Alessa tried to use the Seal of Metatron.

Dahlia was able to complete the ritual of rejoining Alessa and Cheryl's souls, bringing about the birth of the god, but Kaufmann stepped in and threw Aglaophotis onto Alessa, which disrupted the god's birth, and caused it to manifest outside of Alessa's body, as a twisted, evil creature, the physical embodiment of Dahlia's corrupt reasons for bringing about the birth of god. Harry was able to destroy it, and with the last of Alessa's power, she reappeared to him, giving him a newborn child who was both Cheryl and Alessa, complete and whole once again.

Harry took the baby and escaped. He named her Cheryl as well, and they returned to Portland, where they lived the first three years of Cheryl's life in relative peace, aside from the torment Harry quietly suffered, unsure as to if he could love whoever Cheryl was. When Cheryl was three, the cult found them again, and Harry killed the man who found them, before taking Cheryl and relocating once again. This time, they changed their names as well. Cheryl became Heather, and she was Heather for so long she forgot she ever was Cheryl.

Heather's life was full of normalcy. She was happy and content with her father, and she grew up making normal mistakes. Her life was hardly perfect, but she was happy, and loved her father as much as he loved her, and that was what counted. Harry wasn't without his precautions to keep Heather safe, buying her a taser gun as well as giving her a pendant with a crystallized tablet of Aglaophotis inside, although he told her that it was just a good luck charm.

One Sunday, shortly after Heather turned seventeen, she went to the mall, which was fairly normal for her. She loved shopping, so she made several trips to the mall a week, either by herself or with friends, sometimes even with Harry. She was alone this trip, and after falling asleep in a Happy Burger and having a rather disturbing dream in which she was run over by a rollercoaster car, she called her father to let him know she was coming home.

She was approached by a detective, a Douglas Cartland, who apparently had information about Heather's birth. She was completely uninterested, and brushed him off, before escaping into a restroom and crawling out the back window. Unable to leave the mall from there, she backtracked into a different part of the mall, away from the detective, intent on leaving by the front door. Something was seriously wrong in the mall, though, and she found it crawling with strange and disturbing creatures. After finding a gun in a clothing store, Heather tried to make her way out of the mall, although she ran into a woman named Claudia on the way, who wanted Heather to remember something she couldn't.

The mall also changed, after Heather had a blackout. It changed into something terrifying and bizarre, something she couldn't explain. After killing a worm creature, the mall returned to its normal state, but she was shaken. Leaving the mall, she ran into Douglas again, whom she accused of working with Claudia (which he was, technically. She had been the one who had hired him to find Heather) and she brushed him off again, heading for the subway to get home.

The subway ended up being screwed up too, and Heather encountered more monsters, and after being trapped on a train, finding her way out to a construction site and an office building, where the world changed around her again, and she encountered a man named Vincent, who knew far too much about her father. After finally escaping the office building, Heather managed to get herself back to the apartment she shared with her father.

She thought that the nightmare was finally at its end, until she saw her father, dead, sitting in front of the television. Grief-stricken, she collapsed at his feet, crying for her loss. It took her a moment to notice the bloody footprints leading away from her father's chair and out the terrace door to the fire escape, but when she did, she was filled with fury, charging up the stairs to find her father's murderer. She found Claudia, who pointed out the monster she'd ordered to kill Harry, and left, telling Heather to seek her out in the town of Silent Hill. Heather killed the monster and returned to her apartment where Douglas now was, and offered her his assistance. She didn't want it at first, because if he hadn't tracked her down her father wouldn't have been killed, but she reluctantly agreed to accept his help after moving her father to his bedroom, due to no one being around to give him a proper burial.

They left for Silent Hill, and Heather gradually began to remember what had happened in her past, with the help of a letter Harry had written her. She explained it to Douglas in the car, and when they arrived at Silent Hill, they split up, Heather going to check out the hospital, Douglas going in search of a man named Leonard they were supposed to be finding.

Heather encountered Leonard first in the hospital, however. And he wasn't a person any longer, but a demon twisted by the corruption of Silent Hill and the Otherworld, and she killed him, before he could kill her. He dropped a seal of Metatron, although she had no idea what it was at the time, and she made her way back to the hotel where Douglas was supposed to be. Finding Vincent instead, she was instructed to go to the church on the far side of the lake, where Claudia was. Not trusting Vincent, but having no other options, Heather made the long trek around the lake, and entered the amusement park that would ultimately lead to the church. She was incredibly displeased when she was hit with a strong sense of deja vu, and a splitting headache, when she entered the park, finding that it had not only transformed into the otherworld, but that this was the same park she had had that dream about in the mall.

Fortunately this time around she was able to jump from the rollercoaster track before she was killed, and landed on a ticket booth some distance below. She continued through the park, eventually finding Douglas injured after he'd confronted Claudia. She was mad at him for putting his life on the line for her, but she continued on alone. Before reaching the church, she was encountered with the dark corrupted memory of Alessa, who attempted to end Heather's life and thus end her own suffering, but Heather was able to kill this dark memory, and continued on.

When she reached the church she found Claudia again, and attempting to talk Claudia out of the ridiculous ritual she was attempting, Heather acted as though Alessa had completely taken control of her thoughts and actions to appeal to the woman who had once been Alessa's only friend, although Claudia wouldn't listen to reason. Heather grew angry with the other woman again, which caused the god growing inside of her to act out, and she was overcome with pain, while Claudia made her leave, pleased that Heather hated her so much, because it would nourish the god and help it grow.

Heather made her way through the church, followed every step of the way by Alessa's memories and a shady creature who had appeared to her previously, but not as frequently as he did in the church. Supposedly, he was watching her, to ensure that the god was growing as it should.

It wasn't just Alessa's memories that Heather encountered in the church, however, but the Cheryl before her, and her father's as well. She discovered a few clipboards he had written notes on when he had been in Silent Hill before, as well as a disturbing recreation of his bedroom, sans his body.

Ultimately, Heather reached the ceremonial chamber where Claudia waited for her, with Vincent. Vincent told Heather to kill Claudia, but he was stabbed while his back was turned, and while he told Heather to use the seal of Metatron, Claudia laughed at the attempt, before killing him. Heather was then overtaken by the god, her skin turning red as she fought against its power, before she was able to regain control. She took the red tablet from her pendant and swallowed it, realizing what her father had given it to her for. She then purged the god from her body, and was about to destroy it when Claudia snatched it up, and swallowed it, in an attempt to birth it herself.

Claudia was destroyed, and the god manifested, although it was premature and horribly disfigured. Heather fought and killed it, before leaving Silent Hill behind for good. She returned to Douglas in the amusement park, shucking off her assumed name and asking him to call her Cheryl again.

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