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[ Private to Odd, Lilia, and Maria // Medium ]

Hey I...

I've got to clear my head, and I've been trying to do it here and I just, can't. So I'm taking off for a bit. I'll be around, and I'll have my radio with me, so don't worry too much, I'll keep out've trouble. And I'll be back, I promise.

I just need to be somewhere else for a while.

If you need me, ask for Heather, okay? I don't feel much like being Cheryl right now.

[ Public ]

Guess I'm proving just as good at keeping a blog here as I was back home. Of course back home it was mostly just my high school friends commenting. Not really end of the world giant monster stuff there.

Speaking of are there any teenagers around here? I've been hanging out with adults mostly and I haven't met that many people around my age. It's kind of weird.

Apr. 22nd, 2009

...Has anyone seen my Dad? He wasn't in his room earlier and... I can't find him anywhere else.


I don't think he would've gone out, I mean his leg's been pretty messed up but... I don't know where he is.
So there's a giant fucking steeple in the middle of the Cathedral now, half of us are all beat up thanks to the rampaging uglies, and that leaves not a lot of us to attempt to fix the gigantic mess left behind.

And from the looks of things, the rest of the city is doing just as peachy. Are there any nukes or something we can toss at those things because seriously two is going to level the place.
Like this place wasn't cold and drafty as hell already.

I say we burn the pews. No one's using them and half of them are already broken. There's fireplaces around here, right?

The snow is a nice addition. I thought Maine winters were pretty bad but at least we had snow plows to clean out the streets.

I need to go looking for some stuff warmer than what I've got now, though. Once the snow lets up. There are some shops nearby, so I won't...wander or anything.

Also everyone please realize that no water means you can't flush the toilets. Someone get a map or something and figure out where the hell the water supply or whatever is, if for no other reason than that is disgusting.
[ Private to the Cathedral Family : Medium Security ]

I'm okay. I got lost after that whole... whatever happened, but I'm fine.

I don't really know where I am right now in relation to where the Cathedral is but I'm working on it. There's some maps and tourist brochures around so I'm gonna dig through those. I'll be back soon, don't worry.

Nov. 14th, 2008

What the hell was that?
Figures there's some kind of internet but google doesn't work. I can't even get to my email. And I'm guessing the phones don't work, but I haven't tried, yet. Not like they ever work in situations like this. Waay too convenient.

Okay, so. I don't really know what's going on around here, but I'm looking for a guy. His name is Douglas Cartland. He's old, kinda heavy and dressed up like one of those lame detectives from an old movie. He's got a busted leg so it's not like he could've gotten very far.

If you find him, let me know. If you hurt him? You have to deal with me. I'm Heather Cheryl Mason. I'm staying...

Well, I'm around. It's not really important where I am.